Dyrrah City Football Academy 

Nurturing Talents, Shaping Futures

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About DCFA

Dyrrah City Football Academy is a non-profit organization (NPO) established by the Ministry of Education and Sports, dedicated to develop and promote football for the youth. Our objective is the establishment and management of the Academy of Football in the city of Durrës.

Dyrrah City Football Academy will build the biggest and most modern center with training facilities in the country and beyond. Our vision is not only to promote new talents, but also to inspire values through the beautiful game of football.


At Dyrrah City Football Academy, we are dedicated to the discovery and training of talents, providing them with the right skills to excel in football. We believe that football goes beyond the playing field.

Our mission includes conveying values such as: cooperation, discipline, dedication and respect in the younger generations, to prepare them for success in and out of the field game.


Our football project aims to create a model for the development of football in Albania. By having a new approach towards training and collaborating with the Albanian government, we have a clear vision for building the infrastructure of football and the organization of important sports events to improve the level of Albanian football on the international stage.

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