May 20, 2024


Dyrrah City Football Academy is a non-profit organization (NGO) dedicated to the development and promotion of youth football. Our main objective is to establish and manage an Elite Football School and Academy in the city of Durres. Our vision is not only to promote young talent but to inspire values ​​through the beautiful game.


  • To promote talents: At Dyrrah City Football Academy, we are dedicated to discovering and nurturing talents by giving them the right training to excel in the sport.
  • We convey values ​​beyond the field: We believe that football goes beyond the pitch. Our mission includes imparting values ​​such as teamwork, discipline, dedication, and respect to the younger generations, to prepare them for success on and off the field.
  • The progress of Albanian football: Dyrrah City Football Academy has a new approach to the development of football in Albania. With a direct cooperation with the Albanian government, to build a modern infrastructure and the preparation of important sport events to raise the level of Albanian football at the international level and strengthen the position of the Albanian Football Federation within UEFA.


  • We want to create a model of excellence that will guide the future of Albanian football, giving talented children and young football players the opportunity to grow up in a healthy environment and which gives them the opportunity to become professional players who can compete at international levels.
  • Our goal is to produce not only exceptional athletes, but also responsible citizens who will contribute positively to the community.

Why should you join Dyrrah City Football Academy DCFA:

  • Passion and love for football is our motivation.
  • Our commitment to youth development is paramount, enabling every player to reach their full potential.
  • We convey the highest professional and ethical values ​​and standards in all our activities.

At Dyrrah City Football Academy, we don’t just teach football, we nurture dreams and shape the future.

Job descriptions:

The coach at Dyrrah City Football Academy plays an important role in the formation of young footballers. This role includes:

  • Take care to ensure and guarantee the well-being of the players.
  • To provide support and cooperation to the head coach as well as coordination with the assistant coaches in the preparation and organization of the football program at Dyrrah City Football Academy.
  • To provide direct support to both players and parents before, during and after training sessions.
  • To teach and monitor other trainers for their training development.
  • To undertake other reasonable duties on-and-off the field of expertise to ensure program quality assurance.
  • The ability to build strong relationships with players, staff and team leaders.
  • To manage & evaluate individual and group progress of players.
  • To develop and implement advanced training programs tailored to individual player needs.
  • To ensure that standards of discipline and behavior are high both on and off the field.
  • To help in the recruitment and selection of new talents .

Requirements for this position:

  • It is preferable to have graduated from the Sports University (Physical Education, Sports Sciences).
    • Must have a UEFA-C Licenses (any higher level is considered +).
    • To have at least 1 (one) year of work experience in a sport environment.
    • To have experience working with children from different backgrounds and cultures.
    • It is preferred to have played at a certain level of football.
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
    • Master the English language at a professional level (level B1).
    • Ability to work independently and self-organizing skills.
    • Communication skills and ability to interact in a team (group).
    • Good knowledge on the use of sports-related technologies and software (eg, video analysis, training applications).
    • To have an innovative and creative approach to training and player development.

How to apply:

  • Send a letter of interest and your CV in English to [email protected] by 14.06.2024 at 16:00.
  • If you have any questions or are clear about the job position, you can direct them to the e-mail address [email protected] .
  • Only those selected for interview will be contacted by Dyrrah City Football Academy.
  • Based on the legislation, Dyrrah City Football Academy will check the information provided by you to verify the fulfillment of the selection criteria for this job position.
  • The information received through the application is protected based on the legislation and the Law “On the protection of personal data”.

Dyrrah City Football Academy is an employer which provides equal work opportunities. We are committed to providing an inclusive work environment where all employees regardless of background, race, gender, faith, sexual orientation etc., are respected and valued and therefore encouraged to apply for any position at Dyrrah City Football Academy.

NOTE: This job description is not all inclusive. The employee may also perform other duties to meet the needs of the company.

Applications are now open! “Dyrrah City Football Academy” – Apply now to become part of the Manchester City Football School.

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