Call for Proposals

February 2, 2024

The "Dyrrah City Football Academy" foundation established by the Ministry of Education and Sports has as its main goal the development and promotion of football for young people. Our objective is to establish and manage the Football Academy in the city of Durrës. Dyrrah City Football Academy will build the largest and most modern training center in the country and beyond. Our vision is not only to promote young talent but also to inspire values through the beautiful game of football.

Our football project aims to create a model for the development of football in Albania. Having a new approach to training and with the support of the Albanian government, we have a clear vision for the construction of football infrastructure and the organization of important sports events to improve the level of Albanian football in the country and in the international arena. This center of excellence will serve to improve the level of development of Albanian footballers by increasing the quality and value of these footballers.

To fulfill this goal, two main pillars are needed: a proven and effective talent development program, and a modern infrastructure of international standards. The Foundation has already secured a contract with Manchester City and City Football for the development of their Football School program and for consultancy in relation to the construction of an infrastructure and academy structure of high international standards.

The foundation has announced the competition procedure for the project "Construction of the Durrës Football Academy complex" where the Manchester City Football Academy program will be developed. For this, the foundation has notified all clubs of the Abissnet Superiore category to send proposals theirs for the realization of the project based on detailed instructions in an Invitation for Proposals.
The project includes the financing of all related works and services for the realization of the "Construction of the Durrës Football Academy complex". These include design, construction, supervision of works, approval, certificate of use, registration, payment of taxes and fees, supporting infrastructure, obtaining all permits and other approvals and maintenance of the football complex until the end of the contract with the Foundation.
In exchange for the financing and realization of the Project, the successful Candidate receives income from the use of the rights over the players of the Foundation Academy, for the term written in his proposal and the measure defined in the terms of the contract. He also benefits from the right to use the infrastructure of the Academy according to the special agreement that will be concluded with the Foundation. This is a great opportunity to transform the development model of the winning club.

Invitation for Proposal:

Notice of Invitation for Proposal:

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