Applications are now open! “Dyrrah City Football Academy” – Apply now to become part of the Manchester City Football School.

May 2, 2024

The launch of “Dyrrah City Football Academy” (DCFA) applications is a fantastic opportunity for children and talented youth, who love football. The selection process for the registration of young footballers will take place during the month of June. The Academy will officially open its doors in September, when the 2024-2025 football season begins.

Apply now through the online form, and we will inform you about all the details regarding training activities, prices, transport etc. DCFA will offer scholarships to the most talented children or economically disadvantaged players.

The selection of talented footballers who will benefit from the scholarships will be carried out under the supervision of Manchester City coaches. Anyone who signs up with DCFA will become part of the Manchester City Football School program. In this program, all participants will wear Football School uniforms, and will be trained by Manchester City's coaching staff in the club's successful methodology.

Training sessions by Manchester City coaches will take place twice a week, while the rest of the training program will be run by local staff selected and trained by Manchester City Football standards.

Registrations are open to children between the ages of 7 to 18. The “Dyrrah City Football Academy” is located in Durrёs and is part of the Durrёs regional association (SHRFD).

The training sessions during the first year will take place in a temporary field, while it is expected that very soon with the closure of the first phase of the construction, the training will be moved to the complex that will be built in Durrës.

Children will be under the supervision of Manchester City coaches throughout the year, providing them with a constant opportunity to develop and improve their football skills.

We look forward to seeing your talent on the football field.


“Dyrrah City Football Academy”

Official Announcement: "Football Club Dinamo City": Winner of the competition for the Construction of the Football Academy Complex in Durrës.

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